Professor Ottmar Edenhofer (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research):
"It doesn't cost the Earth to save the planet"

If we want to limit global warming to well below 2°C,
two conditions need to be met in terms to CO2:

(1) Compliance with the remaining CO2 budget

According to the IPCC’s calculations, our remaining budget amounts to about 1,000 Gt CO2 from 2012 onwards. In the Paris Agreement, a ratchet up mechanism was decided upon, in which the countries are asked to submit increasingly ambitious national contributions. Each country should determine its contributions on the grounds of a fair distribution of the remaining budget.

Based on converging per capita emissions, the Regensburg Model offers some guidance for this. With the help of the web application www.climate-calculator.info you can quickly get an idea of what converging per capita emissions means for individual countries.

An article on the Regensburg Model has been published in the journal "Climate Policy". More information under Downloads.

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(2) CO2 needs a price

All CO2 emissions needs to get a price by means of a carbon tax or emission trading, so that
climate protection will pay for the individual.

The price will have to rise for many years to achieve
the climate targets.

Revenues should be given back to the population
on a per-capita basis.

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What you can do

We still can limit global warming to 2°C
and thus avert the worst consequences for our children and future generations.

Now it is important that

  • we citizens indicate the politicians that we really want to save the climate
  • leaders assume their responsibilities

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CO2 budget
The remaining CO2 budget and its distribution to countries.

Emission pathways
Exemplary global and national emission pathways which comply with the 2°C target.

Review (I)NDCs
Why do we need an unofficial review process after Paris? Reference values for almost all countries in the world based on the Regensburg Model.

Web application: (1) Determine a global path wich comply with the 2 ° C target. (2) For the years 2030 and 2050 reference values for a freely selectable country are given on the basis of the Regensburg Formula.

Price on CO2
Why do we need a price on CO2?

What could a road map to ecological prices look like?

Books / links
Books and links on the topic

Download of the excel tools: Regensburg Model, comparison similar approaches; background paper, flyer

Life without greenhouse gases
What could a good life almost without greenhouse gases look like?